Sardegna To Discover What to see



A few hours drive from Budoni you can reach the beautiful village of Castelsardo, famous for its sea , but most of all for the Easter Ritual. The charm of the procession with masked men will leave you speechless.

Sa Testa Holy Well


Magical and full of energy spot. Do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most peculiar archeological site in Gallura. You will feel buried by an energy that will leave you breathless.

Monte d'Accoddi


Archaeological site unique in Europe for the morphology that closely resembles the famous Mesopotamian ziggurat . Not a well known site but impresses with its beauty and the environment.

Monte Parma Giants


One of the most interesting archaeological discoveries of recent years . Many questions that arise scholars to understand the origin of these statues . The visit to the museum of Cabras is a must for any tourist visiting the island.



Near Cabras there is one of the best preserved Phoenician settlements in Sardinia. Inhabited by the Romans preserved Doric columns and the remains of a Thermae. Beautiful beaches nearby will welcome you.